The most intuitive redaction technology that facilitates accuracy and productivity.  Streamline the redaction process, reduce cost and human error. 

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Solutions for de-identifying private data for compliancy regulations and third party data sharing.

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Manage De-Identifications/Redaction in Multiples, and in Bulk.

CoreRedact is designed to handle multiple matters at once, in one platform.  Easily navigate between projects to manage privacy requirements.  Execute redaction in bulk to save time.

Technical Summary

Unlimited matters/projects can be created in CoreRedact, a beneficial feature for small or mid-sized organizations that are managing several redaction projects at once. Easily navigate between matters – CoreRedact keeps track of where you have been and what needs to be completed prior to exporting. Within each matter, perform redaction in bulk and filter through the quality control checkpoints prior to exporting.


Technical Detail

Technical offerings

-Organize and load files into multiple projects

-Files can be added or deleted to projects at any time

-Bulk redaction functionality allows for an efficient, first-pass redaction to be performed

-Upon completion of bulk redaction, quality control checkpoints are triggered

-Query capability with visualization of query hits to aid with redaction requirements

De-Identify by Key Words or Patterns.

Perform key word search and redact on populated results.  Execute redaction for patterns such as Social Security Numbers, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Dates, etc.  Or, create custom patterns to meet your needs.  Perform multiple key word and pattern redactions at once.

Technical Summary

Once uploaded, automated redaction can occur based on rules defined by the user.  Populate an unlimited number of key word terms for redaction.  Redact patterns or create custom regex patterns for business requirements.  Perform multiple redactions at once and on the entire population of documents.  Once redaction is complete and exporting occurs, CoreRedact will export the document in the same format it was ingested.  The redacted information is not just hidden, it is completely deleted from the document, even in the metadata.

Technical Detail

Technical offerings

-Complete metadata removal

-Handles searchable / non-searchable PDFs

-Handles single-page TIFF and multi-page TIFF

-Enterprise version handles over 500 file types

-During export, PDFs are outputted in the same manner they were ingested

Visualization of Data and De-Identification/Redaction Occurrences.

Most redaction tools are granular in their execution.  With CoreRedact, you can easily visualize your data sets as well as the number of redactions performed within each matter.

Technical Summary

Most redaction tools are linear and visualization of redactions are difficult to see.  With CoreRedact, you can easily visualize your data sets as well as if a redaction exists on a document.  A visual quality control checkpoint allows you to also see the number of redactions on each document and how many need to be verified prior to exporting.

Technical Detail

Technical offerings

-Interactive document grid offers enhanced visual acuity of data, with sorting features and document information

-Redaction column in grid provides a visual mark signifying that redactions exist on the page

-Needs Approval vs. Approved column provides a visual ratio of the number of redactions that exist as well as the number of redactions requiring approval for each page.

Quality Control Checkpoints for Accuracy.

CoreRedact facilitates accuracy through quality control checkpoints by automating the verification of redaction and providing audit copies of each redacted document.

Technical Summary

Three quality control checkpoints are available to insure inadvertent data is not exposed.  Visual identifiers aid in the quality control process – a redaction signifier, redaction ratio (i.e., 4 redactions need approval / 6 redactions approved), as well as color portrayal signaling the user to approve the redaction.

Technical Detail

Technical offerings

-Redaction signifier allows for quick visualization of those pages that contain redaction. Sort this column to easily see how many pages contain redaction

-Redaction ratio provides a visualization of how many redactions exist on a page and how many require approval. Column is presented as Needs Approval/Approved

-Color signaling is used to notify the user that a redaction requires approval. A red box signals to the user that the redaction has not been approved (i.e. burned in). A black or white box signals to the user that the redaction has been approved and is ready for exporting

Enterprise redaction.

CoreRedact enterprise is designed to handle any file type (beyond PDF or TIFF) and has advanced analytic capabilities as well as multiple-language support.  Perfect for large volume redaction or enhanced workflow automation.

Technical Summary

CoreRedact enterprise is designed to be software agnostic, meaning that it can seamlessly be integrated into workflow.  Data can be exported to any file format and stored within document management systems.

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