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Redacting Massive Volumes of Data: Enterprise Solution

December 7, 2015 Published by

Redactions are often performed in a manual capacity such as reviewing documents in a linear fashion and drawing a box over electronic data.  This is a manual process that incurscostly labor and hourly fees.  Plus, the redactor has to know where the information exists on a document to redact it.  By using an automated redaction engine, you can perform a search, and redact on the results.  This helps reduce labor costs that are required for manual redactions and allows for streamlined workflow.

Let’s look at the economic benefits of automated redactions by first exploring the magnitude of labor and time costs associated with manual redactions.

Manual Redaction Example:

750,000 total pages with half needing redactions = 375,000 pages to redact
Up to 2 minutes to manually redact each page
12,500 hours or 1,562 eight hour work days
Labor costs = $500,000 (average $40/hr labor fee)

Automated Redaction Example:
Send redaction requirements  to automated redaction engine, CoreRedact CoreRedact will redact 375,000 pages in 8 hours
Approval of redactions by user in 15 hours
Total time = 23 hours
Total costs diminished by 76-91%

The economic benefits are astounding. Plus, this technology can be seamlessly integrated into daily workflows and it can be used in conjunction with currently deployed eDiscovery solutions, empowering you to focus on your core competencies instead of menial tasks.