Relevant Topics About eDiscovery and De-Identification

Data Privacy Day Recap

February 7, 2017 Published by

Data Privacy Day raises awareness and promotes privacy and data protection best practices. The National Cyber Security Alliance hosted a myriad of panel discussions in January with topics ranging from the Internet of Things, digital identities, data of the people, and the social good of data.  Read below for a brief summary and links to explore topics in more detail.  

Consideration of digital identities:
Individuals must be aware of concepts such as “constrained focus of access” and the digital footprint they leave behind. Individuals must know that “sharing” equals consent.

As individuals increase their digital identities, organizations must further develop management practices to better handle interoperable digital identities. Read more here. 

Data of the people
Cities, companies, and individuals are all creating tons of data.  The way we treat data is how we build trust with the people. What do people expect from the data refineries? Enterprises can engage in data protection layers such as de-identification to showcase corporate responsibility and earn public trust. Explore the conversation.

As a society we need to talk more about the public good as a value function of data.  Public good of data is often overlooked. Learn more. 

New social credit scores in China can make things like the Black Mirror a reality.  Read more here.

Economics of data
Consider the actual economics of data in the economic paradigm we are entering.  For example, micro-transactions for the use of an individual’s data (what is the value of data)? Should consumers have the ultimate control of how third parties interact with and expose their data? Explore the conversation.

How elumicor Aids in Data Protection

De-identifying personal data plays a central role in every privacy professional and organization’s toolbox. Through de-identification, organizations strive to minimize privacy risks while still being able to share and reap the benefits of data. 

Elumicor offers a standardized process for protecting individual’s personal information in data sets. We aim to protect private data for every company and individual on the planet with patent-pending technology that automatically de-identifies private data.

Learn how elumicor’s de-identification workflow can help you attain your data privacy goals.