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Brilliant Solutions for Identifying and Protecting Relevant Data.


In a world where data growth is exponential and out of control, elumicor brings clarity to data by drilling down to relevant files, where effective, meaningful work begins. Elumicor’s technology drives economic benefits for clients by decreasing the human touch needed to review data and protect sensitive information. Our technology facilitates accuracy and productivity.

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Lisa McComb

CEO and Founding Member Lisa defined best practices and solutions for document productions before electronic data even existed.  She was a leader in AT&T's corporate legal department, driving an industry that was on the verge of erupting.

Lisa’s experience with discovery began after receiving a Bachelor of Science in legal studies and an M.B.A. from Oklahoma City University. 

Lisa trail blazed the document production process in corporate legal.  At that time, Lisa’s new-found knowledge of the needs in the discovery industry, motivated her to start elumicor, offering unrivaled service and adaptable software built for the corporate counsel framework.

With the launch of elumicor’s new intelligent redaction technology, Lisa is poised to establish best practices and standardized processes for protecting personally identifiable information.

Lisa integrates in the community through local technology and legal organizations as well as learning about emerging markets and trends.
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Melissa Unsell-Smith

Vice President and Founding Member Melissa leads elumicor with her strategic prowess and industry knowledge. Striving for excellence, Melissa consistently seeks innovative opportunities to provide value to clients and generate win-win relationships.

Since elumicor’s inception in 2000, Melissa has harnessed inventive, efficient ways to navigate the ever-changing landscape of electronic discovery. She has managed high-profile multi-million dollar projects with seamless execution and revered client satisfaction.

Melissa elevates the intellectual culture at elumicor, and has led the company’s newest efforts to launch a new technology involving intelligent redaction. Establishing best practices and thought leadership for an emerging trend in big data and cybersecurity, Melissa is empowered by the opportunity to protect personally identifiable information on a global scale.

Melissa also dedicates time to the community by participating in the catalytic tech scene in San Antonio. Her efforts consistently focus on local economic
development opportunities as well empowering women in technology.
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Ravi Rao

Strategic Business Advisor Ravi leads the strategic path of elumicor and provides foresight regarding strategic alliances as well as software development and enhancements.

Ravi’s skills include strategic partnerships and alliances, project management, international marketing, sales and business development, internet marketing, software development services, and high tech recruiting.
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Attorney, AmLaw100

"I really appreciate all the last-minute, hard-work elumicor has executed on our behalf.  We’ve had a lot of fires to put out, and we could not have accomplished all that we did without everyone from your team turning things around accurately and quickly."

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