Analyzing and Protecting Data

Solutions for eDiscovery and Redaction.
In a world where data growth is exponential and out of control, elumicor brings clarity to data by drilling down to relevant files, where effective, meaningful work begins.

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About Us

Elumicor automates rudimentary tasks involved with litigation discovery and de-identification (redaction) needs. Elumicor enables clients to engage in meaningful work by utilizing their core competencies and depleting manual processes, resulting in saving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Elumicor's technology is widely adopted in the litigation discovery industry as well as markets that require de-identification of personally identifiable information such as: healthcare, medical, government and financial markets.

SaaS eDiscovery


Enhanced interactive workflow solutions for managing the entire eDiscovery process.

Law Firm Solutions


Significantly reduce labor costs required to locate and execute redaction. Eliminate human error and avoid inadvertent data exposure while enhancing accuracy and productivity.

Industry Topics

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise eDiscovery and Redaction solutions available for high-volume data.

Elumicor Software



Easily manage the entire eDiscovery lifecycle, from processing to production.


Widely adopted technology portfolio that provides the power you need.


Pick a price that fits your budget. Total cost of ownership is in your hands.

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Elumicor Software


Manage Redaction in Multiples, and in Bulk

Designed to handle multiple matters at once, in one platform.  Easily navigate between projects to manage your redaction requirements.

Visualization of Data and Redaction Occurrences

Easily visualize data sets as well as the number of redactions performed within each matter.

Quality Control Checkpoints for Redaction Accuracy

Facilitates accuracy through quality control checkpoints by automating the verification of redaction and providing audit copies of each redacted document.

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Elumicor Software

Enterprise Solutions

SaaS eDiscovery

for corporate legal, outside counsel, and professional review teams.

Best value for cases involving 50GB or more.  Elumicor considers this the eDiscovery threshold, in which keeping sizeable matters in house can cause a negative effect on productivity and revenue.

As a full-service vendor staffed by experienced professionals, elumicor provides the confidence of fast, accurate results, freeing you to focus on your core competencies.

SaaS Redaction

for financial, healthcare, medical and government compliancy needs.

Use advanced analytics to identify patterns and phrases for redaction.  Redact personal information including Social Security Numbers, Names, Dates of Birth, Credit Card Numbers,

Phone Numbers, Email Addresses and any other sensitive information that needs to be permanently removed.

Perform redaction accurately in bulk.  Capacity to execute one million redactions in 24 hours.

Agnostic Functionality:  Our redaction technology surpasses anyone in the industry and can be used independently of currently deployed tools.

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